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Hip Replacement in Naples, FL

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Dr. Robert Zehr performs more hip replacements in Naples than any other orthopaedic surgeon, as recorded by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration. He favors a conservative approach to hip replacement in Naples, listening carefully to your history of hip pain. When non-surgical treatments no longer work, he recommends hip replacement at his Naples practice.

What makes Zehr Center different

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The expertise exhibited and friendliness of Dr. Zehr and his entire staff bolstered my confidence throughout the preparation and recovery period. The guidebook provided to us is written in terms that spelled out everything required before and after surgery. Based on my positive experience, I have recommended 2 people, both of whom had surgeries with excellent results.

Benefits of Anterior Approach Hip Replacement in Naples

  • Faster recovery – return to normal activities in weeks, not months
  • Minimally invasive – muscles are not cut, so less pain
  • Less restrictive – no limitations on flexing your hip
  • More accurate – specialized X-ray allows realtime adjustments

Hip Replacement by Naples’ Leading Orthopaedic Surgeon

Great strides have been made in hip replacement surgery over the past ten years. More and more people are having hip replacements at a younger age, in order to keep active and enjoy their lives without pain. The most notable advancement was the introduction of the direct anterior approach to hip replacement, conducted from the front of the hip instead of the back. Only ~40% of the nation’s orthopaedic surgeons perform hip surgery using this approach, as it requires a personal investment of time and resources to acquire this skill; and the learning curve is steep. Dr. Zehr was the first surgeon in Naples to use this approach and he continues to lead the orthopaedic community in hip replacement in Naples.

Hip replacement in Naples is certainly not new or uncommon. In fact, last year it is estimated that nationwide some 300,000 Americans underwent this highly successful operation to relieve the pain of an arthritic or broken hip joint.

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people affected by hip pain that hinders your daily routine, and you have tried medications, injections, exercise and physical therapy to no avail, it may be time for you to have a hip replacement in Naples.

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