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A2M Plasma Treatmentfor Knee Osteoarthritis

Plasma treatment can

stop osteoarthritis in its tracks

Benefits of A2M Plasma Treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis

Uses Your Own Blood

Convenient In-office Procedure

Stops Osteoarthritis

No Recovery Time Needed

Learn More about A2M Plasma Treatment

This summary of information on plasma therapy for knee osteoarthritis was taken from a longer, more detailed educational article authored by Dr. Zehr in which he thoroughly explains the science behind this amazing treatment.  If you are considering plasma therapy for your knee OA, we encourage you to download the article. At the Zehr Center for Orthopaedics we believe that being a fully informed, prepared patient is an important contributing factor to a successful surgical outcome.

We have provided several resources for you to learn more about knee surgery in general. You will find a variety of knee surgery topics addressed in our blog. You can review several surgical animations illustrating the inner workings of the knee joint and surgical procedures involving the knee joint. Dr. Zehr discusses knee osteoarthritis in his educational seminar on joint arthritis, recorded in several segments and made available on the Zehr Center’s YouTube channel and on its Facebook page.

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