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Outpatient Knee Replacement in Naples, FL

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Less Risk, Better Results with a Safe, Innovative Program

Dr. Robert Zehr is the Co-founder, CEO and Medical Director of Naples’ premier surgery center, the first of its kind — designed exclusively for outpatient joint replacement. Experienced and skilled in minimally invasive outpatient knee replacement, Naples’ leading orthopaedic surgeon brings safe, same-day surgery to patients needing a total knee replacement.

Learn why joint replacement is a good alternative.

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The best decision I have made this year was to have Dr. Zehr give me a total knee replacement and to have him do it as an outpatient. He is technically expert at this procedure, which is “not your grandma’s knee replacement.” He assured me that I’d have the same outcome that I’d had last summer on my other knee but said that the outpatient experience would be much nicer than what I’d had at the hospital last summer. He was so right!

Benefits of Outpatient Knee Replacement in Naples

  • Uses minimally invasive surgical procedure
  • Most comprehensive pain management protocol available
  • Released just a few hours later to recover in the comfort of your own home

Outpatient Knee Replacement at Naples’ Premier Surgery Center

When your knee pain begins to interfere with your daily activities, it’s time to consider knee surgery. For a torn meniscus or other injuries affecting ligaments or tissue, outpatient arthroscopic surgery is performed.

If the source of your knee pain is osteoarthritis, then outpatient knee replacement in Naples may be the best answer for you. You arrive at the surgery center early in the morning. Award-winning orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Robert Zehr performs your procedure in one of the two pristine operating rooms. A team of experienced, highly skilled nurses is assigned to your care, and your care alone. A few hours later, you go home to recover in familiar, comfortable surroundings tended to by our visiting nurse and your own support group of family and friends. An in-home physical therapist will set up a program tailored to achieve the best outcome in the least amount of time and you will soon be back in motion. Outpatient knee replacement in Naples is a safe, effective surgery.

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