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Zehr Center of Excellence

Over the years, Dr. Zehr has seen many health care systems, surgical procedures, and hospital programs from which he has synthesized the best practices into what is arguably the finest way to provide modern orthopaedic joint surgery. From the first office visit to full recovery, the patient remains fully informed, involved, and reassured through this journey into a relative unknown.

Dr. Zehr designed, refined, and directed the Orthopaedic Center of Excellence at the Cleveland Clinic Naples until the departure of this prestigious institution from the Southwest Florida area. Although this program no longer exists, the fundamental and unique elements of this nationally and internationally visited program are in large part intact at the Zehr Center for Orthopaedics. Although some aspects of this program are in redevelopment, the quest for excellence is an unending and integral part of our mission and is, indeed, our habit! 

Watch and listen as Dr. Zehr discusses this philosophy of orthopaedic care which focuses on patient education, management of expectations, and a personalized treatment plan to ensure a successful surgical outcome.