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Tag: knee pain

A second opinion for knee pain relief

A second opinion for knee pain relief may be the first step that’s needed. Consider the following situation:

A doctor tells…


Total joint replacement surgery expectations

Total joint replacement surgery is common. Each year, over 1,400,000 people in the U.S. undergo total joint replacement surgery. Typically, candidates for…


Torn meniscus

A torn meniscus makes itself known in unusual ways. Has your knee “locked up”? Is your knee swollen and painful? Have you…


Meniscus tears

Meniscus tears are common injuries among athletes and aging adults. In your knee joint, between your shinbone (tibia) and your thighbone…


Aching joints CAN predict weather

Aching joints can really put a dent in your activities, especially in cold weather. We don’t often use “cold” and “Florida”…


Partial knee replacement vs. total knee replacement

Partial knee replacement or total knee replacement? Which do you need? Not every patient suffering from knee osteoarthritis needs to have…


Articular cartilage

Articular cartilage covers the ends of the bones in your knee joint. Articular cartilage has a smooth, slippery surface that allows…


Surgical treatment for knee osteoarthritis

Surgical treatment for knee osteoarthritis should be considered when other efforts to treat your pain fail to bring relief.